About us

Our mission is to deliver projects that can better respond to today needs creating new realities for humanity.

GemStones as we see architecture as pieces of jewellery or harved stones. Our firm was roted with great sense of integrity and responsibility for our planet and its inhabitants, thoughtfully dealing with every material, step and process involved in each creation. We offer  3D dimensional, magical experience thanks to our computational and technology resources


ines pedras gemsones

GemStones is striving to build delightful Arch Gems.

We are passionate to work in building better businesses by creating joyful ideas, products and spatial experiences that connect to the hearts of our consumers.

We trying to find the shape of equilibrium with respect to given surface stress – in terms of edge forces – or geometrical  boundary conditions.

Architecture, as a way of survival fit into new universes. It offers a prospective vision by bringing together sciences and disciplines. It is a new sustainable development in response to the last climate changes. Using innovative materials, and natural resources to continue helping and learning to respect our planet and our people.

Great Attention To Detail

I Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Interior Design Of Each House

We work  in both engineering and architecture have provided me with computer and fabrication skill-sets and a valuable work ethic. Our aim is that our diverse background influences creativity, innovation and the necessary current ability to adapt quickly. We are dedicated to enhancing  abilities and skills as an architect, whether in and individual or team setting.

We are Specialized In The Management Of Architectural & Urbanism Projects

First, we are passionate to work in a complex geometrical environments that could pushes the current limits of our realities across scales and disciplines.

Secondly, increasing the quality of  our computational expertise world thanks to the innovative and cultural resources offered by the most cutting-edge softwares.

All in all, we aim to focus on architecture, art, ecology digital fabrication or even fashion as one integral process. Wanting to develop more about pioneering advanced methods. This gave us confidence and the understanding of sustainable projects and we aspire to continue them with an innovative mindset in all of our future projects.

We work at all scales from micro to macro designs and combining scientific research and technologies to reach new structural creations.

We look forward to working together in building your dream.

Why us

We help you design
the life you want.

Worldwide experience – New spaces and geometrical scenarios.

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Tokyo Japan

Renovation Nihombashi Station/ for KKAA


Ines J Pedras - Entrepeneur - GemStones Project Firm.

Inés J. Pedras  is a Spanish licensed architect, painter, structural engineer and fashion designer.

She combines emergent materials and she is especialist in pleated and experimental surfaces in computational design. She experiments with recicled or biomaterials to emphasis Climate change actions. Her architectural structures are based on «Beta sheet» and parametric design.

Architectural Education at Polytechnical University of Madrid, with strong technical background. 

She received influence from Japanese Origami structures and Buckminster Fuller disciples. She worked for a Japanese architect in Tokyo, Japan, where she collaborated in the architectural projects for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Founding board of GemStones Architecture & Design firm, wich combines disciplines from skecthes ideas to building and construction. She creates GemStones based on the importance of commitment, virtue, responsibility, endurance, understanding and teamwork.

GemStones, New Technologies, BIM strategic and different geometrical disciplines

With GemStones she established specific workflows strategies and  leading BIM implementation in architectural projects topieces of artwork.

She is passionate about BIM technology, Building Information Modeling, intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Also, the great combinination with 3d molling software Rhinoceros by Mcneel Europe and team.

From leading projects, delivering process, project setups, modeling and data management to artistic pieces.

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My Skill
Advanced Geometry 80%
My Skill
New Spaces 90%

We are really grateful for all the kindness and love we are have received.

We are  really happy that you like or enjoy our Architectural Galaxy.

Thank you all to inspire us to continue!