Fashion is Architecture too – just a matter of scale and proportions.

Architecture as a piece of clothing.


The aim of the project is to articulate a language between fashion and architecture. They both have drawn influence from one to another in a way that has led to a creative new areas of cross-disciplinary research and development. As a matter of scale, from micro scale materials to big scale buildings, thanks to the new advanced computacional techniques all kind of free creativity experimentation is possible.

A 3D printed Computational dress that it is a combination of the morphological wearable structures that describes both fashiona and architectural languages.

The jewelry, dress and shoes are made by ©

inesjpedras paramteric design

The digitization of clothing

Maybe only the idea, the technology, the program are spread.That’s where open source it’s going to play an important role, in my opinion.

I wanted to wear something special and new for the occasion. I looked in my suitcase, but I didn’t find anything to wear. Luckily it was a technology and had access to some 3D printers.Quickly, I designed a skirt with my computer,and uploaded the file to some printers, and left them printing overnight. The next morning I put all the pieces together.

The result is this skirt that I am wearing. The digitization of clothing advocated by Spanish architecture.

Watch this video About «Architecture as a piece of clothing»

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The profession, betting on «biomimicry», deep conviction that imitating the techniques of nature itself we can get rid of an ecological calamity. Although the means they use may seem different, today, the couture, the «slow fashion», or «slow fashion» and high technologies share the same utopia.

High technology and crafts share a vision of a much less polluted world, where it is produced close to where it is consumed, in which the transportation problem is eliminated, and in which things can be spread to the whole world.

Watch this video About «Test for textiles | Computational fashion Patterns«

Geometrical Triangulated integrities computational Test made with #grasshopper pluggin. Applied in #fashion 3d modelling.

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Coco Chanel was the one who said it: “Fashion is architecture, it’s a question of proportions”. Thus, proportions and volumes are two of the great concerns in architecture. All in all, we want to find the right balance between creativity and functionality in each of our projects.

Architecture and Fashion are two universes, that we somehow can approach the same goal, to create beauty and structural order. Not oly this, at the same timethey are fullfill with textures, colors, volumes, geometries..etc.

If you want to know about Chanel, watch this video about her life. She was more than fashion designer Also, she was a patron, secret agent and a fugitive. I can confirm she is also known as the most famous seamstress in the world. She is  the eternal embodiment of Parisian elegance.

Furthermore, she freed the woman from the corset and formed a fashion empire. She sought elegance and pondered it on every occasion. She was a ruthless and determined warrior, capable of anything. 

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However, the world we are living is not the same as the one Coco Chanel was in. Today the fashion industry is based on fast and unsustainable perception of Climate Change concerns.


On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh. Under its ruins, 1,135 exploited fashion workers are crushed to death. An event that shook the whole world. Suddenly, the face of a crazed production system was exposed. Too many collections, too much consumption. All over the world, creators and activists are rising up against globalized fashion. Some reweave, others transform used clothing or create with 3D printers.

Today, fashion has re-discovered craftsmanship, but it will be high technology that will change old habits.



Passion. Everything human nature starts with it.

Visionary, combining disciplines such as art, architecture, fashion as one integrative processes.

Anticipatory, this factor in critical future trends and needs as well as the projected impacts of a project’s implementation in the short and long term. 



Thank you!

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