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Interview and points of view about Dubai Architecture and the future.

Structure and City by Design - Views on Dubai Experience: Ines J. Pedras on her architecture approach

  • «My practice’s mission is to accomplish all possible scales. Innovation is part of my work-DNA and I want to continue looking forward pushing the limits of my abilities, arrying transformative architecture, engineering and urban planning with the most efficient and sustainable way to significantly improve accessibility, connectivity, and well-being ( and iconic beauty) in our cities.» I. J. Pedras


Deena – How has your experience of the cultural scene in Dubai been so far?

Ines: I enjoy investigating the city from a non-anthropocentric point of view, because I believe that in a global world it is impossible to draw neat boundaries between the biosphere and the urbansphere or the desert and streets. I see Dubai as an emerging excited city, full of contrasts, disciplines and people from all over the world.

Its variety of scenery is highly impacting the growing cultural sector, quickly overcoming the superficial elements to embrace new cultural values and maintaining an atmosphere full of intellectual aspirations that are going to be remembered by future generations.

The real sector is consistently pushing the boundaries of architecture and their visionary mindset is teaching me to continue the steps of previous generations who created amazing buildings here.


Deena: How has the city of Dubai influenced your work?

Ines: I work professionally as an architect so the high level skyscraper typologies are a must for me. Being surrounded by all the high-tech buildings is, first, kind of intimidating, but then, is a new open chance to confidently expand my career path, both in the professional and personal field while being immersed by a non-rigid spirit of times.

The eye-catching new contemporary style that is continuing to flourish in the city is the part I feel most influenced by. My design-approach could be related with sci-fi futuristic architecture that I kind of feel is common with Dubai.


D: – What elements of your upcoming exhibition are you most excited about?

I: «My architectural exhibition as a whole, here, is the first time that I am doing it in the Middle East, so it is something I am delighted to. I can’t choose which one of all the individual element is more important than the other.

I hope people will enjoy as much as me doing it, and wish I will open their curiosities and expand new horizons. I am also looking forward to introduce myself and show the work I do. Wishing and continue my dream to see any of the projects get built. Everything is possible and dreams come true in the UAE «


About: Ines Pedras ( Inés J. Pedras) is an architect, business owner and engineer. She has led BIM technologies, parametric design and robotic fabrication with an emphasis on integrative design across scales and disciplines. She is the founding architect of Gemstones Architecture. She has architectural experience in Japan, UK and Spain.