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GemStones is both an engineering and architectural experience and all multidisciplinary approaches in between.

We have provided computer and fabrication skill-sets and a valuable work ethic. Our diverse background influence by creativity, innovation, ability to adapt quickly. We are dedicated to enhancing new creations with a great passion for freedom. Our story is simple..GemStones elegant crafted, designed strcuctures, with all the love and care with quality and materials, price consciousness, personal customer care and no compromises and excuses.

I hope to find your architectural dreamed «GemStones» pieces here.

GemStones as we see architecture as pieces of jewellery or harved stones. Our firm was roted with great sense of integrity and responsibility for our planet and its inhabitants, thoughtfully dealing with every material, step and process involved in each creation. We offer  3D dimensional, magical experience thanks to our computational and technology resources.

Created and led by Ines J. Pedras.

"When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong"

Bucky Fuller

ines pedras gemstones-architecture
Ines J. Pedras GemStones architecture

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5th Consistent Award Winning Year!

Modern Design Solutions

GemStones is a new physical and emotional architectural experience  that becomes an extension of crafted stones materialised in designs that reflect architectural joy.

From micro to macro all scales and disciplines are made with love and quality. Combining scientific research and technologies to reach new structural creations.

inesjpedras- jp gemstones-architecture

"Architecture as a precious or sometimes semiprecious Stone."

Geometrical Universes
Established MMXX

GemStones | Architecture EU Firm Based

Founded by multidisciplinary creator Ines J Pedras. Her surname means Stones – in her native Galician language. She aims to focus on architecture, art, ecology digital fabrication or even fashion as one integral process.

Wanting to develop more about pioneering advanced methods. This gave us confidence and the understanding of sustainable projects and we aspire to continue them with an innovative mindset in all of our future projects.

We look forward to working together in building your dream.


ines j pedras

Ines J. Pedras is an architect, artist and designer. She studied at Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid and led new technologies with an emphasis on computational and integrative design across scales and disciplines. Ines Pedras (full name Ines Jimenez Pedras) is the founder of GemStones Architecture in 2021.

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Award Winning Projects

GemStones – especially for great beauty or perfection. We know how aesthetics and functionlly have to work together.

Our diverses background influences creativity, innovation and the ability to adapt quickly. 

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us

Building Planning

We work from small scales to big planning citites. From this overall vision, where all disciplines add value, we undertake future projects. Understanding the context and surroundings of our creations.

Renovating Space

Our main objetive is that your everyday actions become unique, you will enjoy living,working, reading from home as you never did before with our renovation spaces.

Architecture Gems + Interior Spaces

The time in which we live enables us to learn with each project as a precious gem and take advantage of the challenges experienced for future generations, always from the recognition and satisfaction of customers.

Free Consultation

We work to achieve new to deliver great quality design and contemporary spaces and contact us for a free consultation.

Bio Design | Sustainability

We design and build using the latest technology in the building industry while using the best in materials and techniques. We create sustainable projects and we aspire to continue them with an innovative mindset.

Engineering | BIM

We believe in reflective and panoramic work, understanding that the only way to achieve success for clients is to think of innovative ideas capable of being built.


What Our Clients Say

It is our goal with each design to make it exactly our costumer desires or even beyond their expectations, thank you for all your feedback to keep us to continue with the same degree of responsability.

"My wife and I recently hired GemStones team to renovate our unfinished basement. The experience was extremely positive – from beginning to end."
James & Michelle P.
"Creating our dream home proved to have many challenges. GEMSTONES Creations was able to put thought to paper while managing many of the obstacles during the planning stage. What impressed me the most was her utilization of square footage, ability to keep construction costs in mind, while creating our dream home. Thank you!"
James J.L
No puedo decir suficientes cosas increíbles fue tan fácil trabajar con ella, trabajar con Gemstones Creations fue un sueño. Fueron complacientes, vieron nuestra visión completamente, fueron oportunos en sus esfuerzos laborales y tuvieron un precio más que justo. Si volvemos a construir, Inés y su equipo definitivamente serán quienes volveremos a llamar!
Fernandez de Cova. Joan


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